Explore the Golden Gate Theatre

February 15, 2018
Category: San Francisco Attractions

Golden Gate Theatre is at 1, Taylor Street in San Francisco. It is at the eastern end of Golden Gate Avenue where it meets Taylor Street to the north and Market Street to the south. The theatre is almost a hundred years old. It was developed as a venue for vaudeville performances, but later it became a movie theatre. The movie theatre was not a roaring success so eventually it was transformed into a venue for performing arts in 1979. Golden Gate Theatre is an integral part of the Loft District and Market Street Theatre.

About Golden Gate Theatre

The original Golden Gate Theatre was designed by Gustave Albert Lansburgh. It was developed as a part of the Radio-Keith-Orpheum circuit. Warfield Theatre nearby was established around the same time, and it was also designed by G. A. Lansburgh. The theatre had a capacity of two thousand and three hundred seats during its inception. The theatre hosted several popular productions over the years including The Andrew Sisters, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Roy Rogers, Ethel Waters and The Three Stooges. Frank Sinatra had performed at the venue on a few occasions. Cinerama Corporation leased the theatre in 1954 and started to screen films. A substantial part of the interior including the architectural details was damaged and some destroyed during the transition.

After quite a few transformations, including the splitting of the theatre into two parts, being renamed as Penthouse Theatre and eventually closing in the early seventies, the theatre finally fell into the hands of Robert Nederlander and Carole Shorenstein Hays, owners of a theatre company called SHN. The company also purchased San Francisco Orpheum. Golden Gate Theatre was almost completely renovated and dedicated to musicals and plays.

SHN brought Broadway shows to Golden Gate, there were pre-Broadway shows and engagements, several national touring companies showcased their productions at the theatre over the years and eventually the theatre became a prized attraction among locals and tourists. You can conveniently get all the >visitors info, check the upcoming shows and purchase tickets.

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