Explore the Tenderloin Neighborhood

June 15, 2018
Category: Things To Do in San Francisco

The Tenderloin Neighborhood is known for being a quirky and artistic area, wherein many underground art areas and concert venues can be found. Like a functional work of art, buildings within Tenderloin are coated with murals; if this neighborhood were to represent anything, it was the artistic culture of San Francisco. There are many historic theatres, music halls, and museums within the area that will inspire you to spend more time within San Francisco, making your visit to the Tenderloin Neighborhood worthwhile.

About the Tenderloin District
The Museum of Icecream is one of the more exciting museums within the Tenderloin. This museum relays the history of its namesake: ice cream. This museum takes pride in its all-inclusive atmosphere and will guide you through the process and history of ice cream making while simultaneously eating ice cream. Tickets for tours can be purchased online here.

The Great American Music Hall is a renowned attraction within Tenderloin that frequently hosts concerts and shows. Opened in 1907, this music hall is one of the oldest concert halls in the city, and has a unique architectural design. The hall was originally called Blanco’s and was later named the Great American Music Hall after the building changed ownership in 1972. One of the Great American Music Hall’s traits over time is having been the stage for a strange variety of performances, adding to the character of the building. For more information on upcoming concerts and events in this music hall can be found here.

The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is another well-known auditorium, or theatre, where large concerts and shows. Whereas the Great American Music Hall can house up to 470 people, this venue can hold up to 8500 people and has been known to host grand events that are likely to make your trip to San Francisco a very memorable one. Information on the different events held at this venue can be found here.

Located within the vicinity of the Tenderloin Neighborhood is the HTL 587, which is a hotel that offers impressive guest amenities and friendly staffing. While exploring these different attractions, the HTL 587 makes for the ideal hotel to stay in, as this facility will make your visit to San Francisco as comfortable as possible.

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