Visit Angel Island State Park

July 15, 2018
Category: San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco is known for being a city of great culture and dexterity. Filled with fantastic sites, such as the Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge, it can be difficult to decide where to visit first in this beautiful place. For those in search of a scenic experience focused around nature, then there is no better place to visit than the Angel Island State Park.

About the Angel Island State Park
The Angel Island State Park is located on the largest natural island in the San Francisco Bay. This island offers a 360-degree view of the bay as well as many recreational activities, making it an excellent place to visit while in San Francisco. To reach it, the public ferry or a private boat must be taken.

The island began as a popular place to hunt and gather materials for the native tribes in the area, and later became the prime location for the U.S. Military during the Civil War at Camp Reynolds. During both World Wars, United States troops were processed through Angel Island. The island later became a state park in 1954.

There are both biking and hiking trails within Angel Island State Park, and swimming and snorkeling are both permitted at the beaches. Windsurfing, regular surfing, and scuba diving are also permitted. In addition to this, the Angel Island State Park features culture and historical sites, as well as several museums. Guided tours of the island are also offered to all guests.  With many interpretative exhibits and nature programs offered at the museums and the nature center, there are so many things to do while exploring the island. Restrooms and food services are made available to every visitor to the island, ensuring that your adventure here is as comfortable as possible.

Open from 8 a.m. to sunset; the Angel Island Park offers annual passes for those who plan on making many trips to the island throughout the year. More information on these passes can be found here. Also located within the vicinity of the nearest ferry to the island is the HTL 587. The HTL 587 offers impressive amenities and friendly staffing to all of its guests, making it the ideal hotel to stay in while frequenting the Angel Island State Park.

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