Visit San Francisco’s City Hall

October 15, 2017
Category: San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco City Hall is one of the most popular historical landmarks in The City by The Bay. This elegant Beuax Arts monument was opened for public in 1915 and today it has gained huge popularity around The World as a venue for weddings and photography. We recommend that you plan a decent tour to San Francisco City Hall during weekdays and avail the accompanying tour of the Civic Center area as well. You can just as easily skip the guided tours and explore this beautiful building on your own. The Art Commission of San Francisco displays awesome collections of artwork at City Hall. The building stays open during business hours from Monday to Friday and you can enjoy touring this public gem of architecture with any admission fee.

About SF City Hall:

There is around 550,000 square feet space inside this massive building and the dome is developed in an attractive manner with the attractive gold finish and stunning Beaux Arts architecture. The 307 feet dome is the tallest dome of US. It has 23.5 karat gold finish and the design looks amazing inside. Right below the dome, your eyes will be amazed by the marble staircase that is another masterpiece inside this building. This staircase holds a popular title in The City as The Grand Staircase of San Francisco. During wedding events, this staircase plays the an important role for married couples with an awesome beauty that suits itself for special photographs. Move upwards through these 42 marble finished stairs and you will be able to explore the awesome beauty on the second floor.

Don’t forget to spend some time at the South Light Room Mini Museum on the second floor where you will find historical artifacts. Many stunning art pieces are displayed in this area. You can check the event dates in advance at You can also book the space for a wedding celebration or special event. The South Light Court, as well as North Light Court, host breathtaking event celebrations throughout the year under the lavish golden dome.

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